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Picture of Equus Ourique lettering

About Us

Behind the equestrian centre at Equus Ourique and our Equuso horse feed company is a dedicated team of people. We strive to offer our guests and riding students the best possible experience while they are with us. And we are dedicated to deliver a top service to our horse feed customers throughout mainland Portugal and Spain. Our horses are reliable partners for riding lessons and trail rides in the lovely nature surrounding the yard. Here you can meet our teams.

Our Team

Woman with brown shoulder long hair Vicky owner of the equestrian centre Equus Ourique in Portugal
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen

Victoria Brawand

Vicky owns Equus Ourique and manages the equestrian centre. Together with her partner Fletch, she also runs Equuso, the horse feed company. She has been a passionate rider since the age of five and currently calls nine horses her own. After training as a landscape gardener, Vicky turned her passion for horses into a career. She is a federally certified horse specialist for classical riding. Before she came to Portugal, she ran an equestrian centre in Switzerland. Vicky is training horses, gives riding lessons for advanced riders and takes out guests on trail rides. Her hobbies are horses, her dogs and her pot-bellied pigs.

Man with hat smiling into the camera Fletch from Equus Ourique in Portugal
Photo LvdH

Fletcher Pukall

Fletch is Vicky’s partner in life and at Equuso, where he runs the feed business and the accounting. Fletch has had some riding experience at a younger age. And he loves the ocean, along with spearfishing and diving.

Young woman with a foxy dachshund on her arm Mollie Coppin Vicky’s right-hand woman at Equus Ourique
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen

Mollie Coppin

Mollie grew up with horses and has been riding since early childhood. She holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology, but her love of horses led her to pursue a different career for now. She is currently Vicky’s right-hand woman at the yard. Mollie supports Vicky in training the horses, gives riding lessons for beginners and is a groom. She spends her leisure time with her dogs or travelling.

Man, smiling, Camillo Faber the indispensable all-rounder at Equus Ourique
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen

Camillo Faber

Camillo loves animals of all kinds and is the indispensable all-rounder at the yard. He trained as a groom with Vicky and provides reliable support in caring for the horses, maintaining the pastures, and doing all kinds of handy work at the yard. His hobbies include photography and a great love for gardening.

Grey haired woman, Larissa von der Howen supporting Equus Ourique with the website and Marketing Communications
Photo Georg von der Howen

Larissa von der Howen

Larissa has been riding since she was a child. She studied Business Administration and Marketing & PR and worked independently in PR for many years. Larissa supports Vicky with the design & content of the website, social media and communications. In her spare time, she likes to travel with her husband and be with her horse, dogs and cats.

Two women dressed in black Ruth with red hair is the mother of Vicky at Equus Ourique equestrian centre in Portugal
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen

Ruth Brawand

Ruth is the good soul of the yard and Vicky’s mum. She has decades of experience in the catering industry. On request, Ruth will gladly spoil guests with a delicious lunch. Her hobbies include travelling and playing chess and other board games.

Our Be Happy Team

Our Horses