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A dark brown and a lighter brown horse being ridden through the flowering landscape of Alentejo in Portugal

Riding Lessons & Trail Rides

Equus Ourique offers riding holidays and guided trail rides into the wonderful nature surrounding our yard in Portugal, as well as riding lessons and seat schooling for children and adults.

Riding Holidays

Close up of a horse mouth in the evening sun
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
Round swinging seat hanging in an oak tree
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
Two horses with flay masks running in a pasture
View of a pasture with a white and brown horse with a view of the wide landscape in the background on a frozen winter morning
Part of the garden at Equus Ourique in the evening sun
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
Nose section of a horse in the pasture in the evening sun
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
Two horses grazing on a lush pasture
Photo LvdH

Join us for a great riding holiday adventure in the beautiful Baixo Alentejo. Experience the peaceful nature through trail rides, or enjoy some riding lessons (private or in small groups). You can also learn about groundwork and fine communication with horses. Or, feel free, to simply experience all the animals that live at our yard and enjoy the company of our team.

You can choose whether you prefer to ride once (€50/pp) or twice (€80/pp) per day. For accommodation choices, please have a look at our venue section.

Within an hour’s drive, there are also plenty of beaches to explore at the Algarve in the South or on the wild romantic West Coast.

Guided Trail Rides

Two women on two brown horses coming towards the photographer surrounded by flowers and green fields on a sunny day
Photo LvdH
Woman on a white horse on a trail ride in the Alentejo, Portugal
Photo Victoria Brawand
Two women on two brown horses riding on a sunny day through a flowering landscape with some oak trees in the background
Photo LvdH
Woman on a white horse on a tar road in spring both looking into the camera
Photo Georg von der Howen
Young man sitting on dark brown horse riding in a pine tree wood on a sandy road.
Photo Vicky Brawand

At Equus Ourique we offer various guided trail rides of different lengths and for each level. We guide you in small groups or on an exclusive hack out through the rolling hills of Alentejo that surround the yard. In summer, we also offer full moon rides.

In the autumn and winter months, experienced riders will enjoy the beautiful scenery on more active hacks, where we can also trot and canter more. During the summer months temperatures are more elevated and the ground is very hard, so our trail rides are held mainly in walk and a little trot.

A one-hour trail ride along the hills is €50/pp. Two hour hacks depending on level of experience are €80/pp.

Riding Lessons

Woman taking a riding lesson on a white horse at equestrian centre Equus Ourique
Photo Fletcher Pukall
Riding lesson, man at the lunge on a white horse
Photo LvdH
A white horse is ridden through two orange and white cones during a riding lesson at the Equus Ourique Equestrian Centre
Photo LvdH
Riding lesson showing one dark brown horse on the lunge with a child sitting on and one white horse being ridden by a child
Photo LvdH
Riding lesson, lunging a child leaning forward on the horses neck
Photo LvdH

We also welcome you for riding lessons in our 20x40m indoor school or in our 50x70m outdoor arena. Our lessons can be held individually or in small groups. And we give horse riding lessons specifically targeted at children.

The topic of our time together will be pre-defined according to your individual goals. Whether you would like to learn riding from scratch, improve your seat or advance your dressage riding, we will tailor the lesson to your personal needs.

For booking a riding lesson, please get in touch with us so we can jointly decide what is the best option for you in terms of topic and duration. Thank you.