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Overview of several horse feed bags and horse and tack care products

Horse Feed

Our company Equuso is the official Agrobs distribution partner for mainland Portugal and Spain. We sell different types of the top quality horse feed products from this well known German brand. In addition, we have created a few own Equuso (EQ) products together with an experienced German manufacturer specialized in high quality equine nutrition.    


Close-up of the fibre rich contents of Agrobs Pre Alpin Aspero

The Bavaria-based manufacturer pays maximum attention to healthy and natural feed of high quality, to ensure an ideal metabolization and digestion for the horse. The company buys from farms and drying cooperatives located in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps for the manufacture of its products. This allows for short delivery routes and quick production. The complete supply chain of Agrobs’ used resources is subject to the GMP+FSA standards. This way, the company guarantees ideal feed safety with a biodiverse plant population, ideal soil conditions, continuous area monitoring and internal and external audits regularly. 

Equuso (EQ)

Hand full of loose small horse feed pellets on a white plane surface
Photo LvdH

The Equuso Condition & Topline Cubes were developed by Equus Ourique in cooperation with a specialized horse nutrition company from Germany.  They are composed of carefully selected ingredients and thus ideally suited for all horses that need to build up their topline and optimise their condition.


Green bucket of Agrobs Minerals together with a bag of NAF Biotin laying in a bit of hay
Photo LvdH

Equuso also sells a variety of horse supplements and minerals from Agrobs and NAF.

Horse & Tack Care

Photo Senta Liv Nielsen

Besides, our clients can choose from a variety of horse and tack care products.

Order Process

We usually order three times per year from the manufacturers. This allows our clients to ask for special orders for any Agrobs products through us. For these bulk orders, we make, there is no minimum order quantity, but your order has to be pre-paid at the time of the order. If you would like to order larger quantities as a yard community or group of horse owners, we might be able to arrange a direct delivery to your place. To learn more about these options, please get in touch with us.

All standard orders can be made directly via our WhatsApp Product Order Catalogue. All existing customers: Please continue to place your orders via WhatsApp as before. Thank you.

Delivery Process

We deliver throughout mainland Portugal and Spain. For deliveries to the Center and North of the country and to Spain, we work with courier or freight forwarding companies depending on the amount of feed ordered. If you want to economise on delivery costs, we suggest you order in larger quantities e.g. pallets as a group of friends or a yard community. In addition to that, we run every six to eight weeks regular deliveries on pre-defined routes to the Algarve and Baixo Alentejo.