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Close-up of two big bags of Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs and AlpenGruen Mash

Agrobs Horse Feed

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Luzerne Cobs

Close-up of Agrobs Luzerne Cobs
Product shot of a big paper bag of Agrobs Luzerne Cobs
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
  • For horses with high-energy requirements
  • Complete plant, warm air-dried and processed to retain its nutrients and vitamins
  • Rich in protein (amino acids)
  • Optimises calcium:phosphorous ratio in high-grain feeds
  • Contains many natural vitamins and minerals such as β-carotene
  • No molasses, dust, or binding agents
  • Cobs with a diameter of 9 mm
  • Please soak before feeding
  • Available in 20 kg paper sack

The Luzerne cobs are well suited as a supplement or enhancement of basic feed, or as a substitute for grain. Lucerne, or alfalfa, is one of the oldest feed plants recorded in history. It is often added to muesli mixes to give additional structure. Its good protein and number of vitamins, minerals and β-carotene make it also a valuable horse feed by itself, especially in regions where protein levels of the hay are low. It is also suited for horses in breeding and sports. Young horses in their growth process also benefit from Luzerne as it is rich in calcium, which is an important building block for healthy bone growth. It also helps to prevent possible bone damage in working and sport horses. And unlike cereal feed, it is not strenuous on the horse’s digestive system and metabolism while providing sufficient energy.

Pre Alpin Aspero

Close-up of the fibre rich contents of Agrobs Pre Alpin Aspero
Product shot of the packaged bale of Agrobs Pre Alpin Aspero
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
  • Long chop fibre with over 60 different field grasses and herbs
  • Free of dust and mould
  • Rough-structure fibre
  • Uncompressed
  • Low starch and fructan content
  • Free of molasses
  • Available in 20 kg bales

This, more roughly structured hay chaff, is rich in nutrients and vital substances. It is a high-quality, clean alternative to hay or silage. As an energy-dense structural feed low in starch and sugar, it can be used to replace or supplement concentrated feed. Free of mould and dust, it is also well suited for horses with respiratory problems. Mixed in with the normal concentrated feed, it allows for extended feeding time for your horse.

Pre Alpin Wiesencobs (hay cobs)

Close-uo of Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs hay cobs
Product shot of a big paper bag of Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesencobs hay cobs
  • Made from over 60 different meadow grasses and herbs
  • High contents of vital substances and crude fibre
  • Without Luzerne
  • Rich in natural vitamins and trace elements
  • Warm air-dried, free of dust, and mould
  • Gentle pressing and processing preserves native nutrients, minerals, and vitamins
  • Free of molasses
  • Low in starch and fructan
  • Free of binding agents
  • Extra large cobs (18 mm)
  • Please soak before feeding
  • Available in 20 kg paper sack

Pre Alpin Wiesencobs are an optimal basic hard feed. The hay cobs are made of a unique mixture of grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Agrobs constantly monitors and supervises the fields the hay is sourced from. The manufacturer also makes sure, the hay is harvested at the right time of maturation. This ensures a low protein and a high content of raw fibre for optimum horse nutrition. You can give these cobs as a single concentrated feed or as a supplement to grain. 

Pre Alpin Senior

Close-up of the content of Agrobs Pre Alpin Senior not pellets but more loose fibre
Product shot of a big paper bag of Agrobs Pre Alpin Senior including a feeding bowl and a scoop
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
  • Ideal for older horses
  • Unique combination of herbs and grasses
  • Short fibres, uncompressed
  • Natural product without additives (e.g. molasses)
  • Free of mould and dust
  • Gently dried with warm air
  • Available in 12.5 kg paper sack

Pre Alpin Senior is ideal as a 100 per cent hay substitute or enhancement for hay, silage, and pasture for older horses. It is also ideal in case of undersupply with crude fibre, for example due to tooth loss or with age-related weight loss. And it can be a substitute for concentrated feed.

Alpengruen Mash

Close-up of rich fibre, flowers and herbs in Agrobs AplenGruen Mash
Product shot of big paper bag of Agrobs AlpenGruen Mash including feeding bowl and scoop
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
  • Contains no cereals or bran
  • High in crude fibre
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Prebiotic & high in vital substances
  • High in digestion-promoting mucilages
  • Great taste without molasses
  • Optimum Ca:P ratio of 2:1
  • Easy and quick to prepare
  • Cost-effective, only 80-100g/100 kg ideal body weight
  • Mix with warm water, stir well, soak approximately 5 to 10 min and feed lukewarm
  • Available in 15 kg paper sack

AlpenGruen Mash contains Prenatura fibres which are high in natural vital substances including trace elements, vitamins, and secondary plant substances. Prenatura fibres provides prebiotic properties to actively promote gut health and the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Linseed and psyllium provide mucilages which coat the mucosa in the stomach and gut with a protective film. This helps to maintain healthy, intact mucosa as well as assists in the regeneration of mucosa irritated by illness, medication, deworming treatment, or stress. Its unsaturated fatty acids also promote a healthy skin and coat. In addition, it contains gently dried beetroot, carrot, apple, and parsnip for a delicious taste and contains digestion-promoting fennel and caraway.

Alpengruen Muesli

Close-up of loose content of rich fibre and herbs in Agrobs AlpenGruen Muesli
Product shot of Agrobs AlpenGruen Muesli with feeding bowl and scoop
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
  • High in crude fibre and natural vital substances
  • Low in starch and sugar, contains no molasses
  • Promotes chewing
  • Supports gut health
  • No artificial additives
  • For a low-starch and low-sugar diet
  • Not ideal for older horses
  • Available in 15 kg paper sack

Alpengruen Muesli can be an ideal single crib feed or a supplement of rich vital substances to it. It is suited for horses of all breeds.


Close-up of the pellets of Agrobs Kraftpaket
Big bag of Agrobs Kraftpaket product with feeding bowl and scoop
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
  • Natural feed for horses with high-energy requirements, e.g. young and older horses
  • Rich in valuable protein (amino acids)
  • High natural trace element content
  • Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E
  • Free of molasses, dust, and binding agents
  • Rich in highly digestible starches
  • GMO-free 
  • Please soak before feeding
  • Available in 20 kg paper sack

Kraftpaket can be given as build-up feed in periods of increased need such as growth, breeding and sports. It also supports weight gain in older horses and provides a good feed in case of dental problems.


Close-up of lose stalks of alfalfa and green oats in Agrobs Luzern Plus
Product shot of a packaged bale of Agrobs Luzerne Plus
Photo Senta Liv Nielsen
  • Mix of 4:1 alfalfa (Luzerne) & green oats
  • Perfect provider of essential amino acids and minerals (Luzerne)
  • Speeds up metabolism, regulates digestion and strengthens the immune system (green oats)
  • Low in starch & sugar
  • Delivers high grade, warm-air dried, raw fibre in chopped form
  • Ideal base feed supplement for sport, breeding & thin horses
  • Optimal cereal replacement for horses with sensitive digestive tract, starch, sugar sensitivities, and nervous or over-temperamental horses
  • Promotes slower feed intake
  • Available in 15 kg bales

Luzerne+ contains an optimal mix of Bavarian alfalfa (Luzerne) and green oats, combining the positive feed qualities of both plants.