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Agrobs order coming up

We are about to plan our next order from Agrobs and wanted to let you know in advance, so you can place special/private orders, if you want. Should you for example like to buy any product from Agrobs that we don’t usually have in stock, you can place a special order for this. 

Please note our minimum order quantities:

  • For orders that can be delivered on our regular tours in Baixo Alentejo & Algarve the minimum order quantity is of 6 bags, ordered in 3’s. 
  • For all (special) orders delivered to Central & North of Portugal and Spain the minimum is 12 bags on a pallet. The pallet is free of charge. You can order for example 6 bags as special order and top it up to 12 bags with feed we always have in stock. 
  • All special orders will either be sent directly and in full to your place or you please have to collect them in full at our yard on the day of delivery, as we can’t keep them in our stock.
  • All orders have to be pre-paid at the time of the order. 
  • Please let us know by June 17th what you need from Agrobs for your order to be processed in time. Thank you. 

In addition, we are thinking about taking on a new manufacturer for haylage. The product is 100% made in Europe and is available in 3 varieties consisting of 5-9 different grass types depending on the energy needs of the individual horse.

Please let us know if you would generally be interested in this kind of product and which variety you would prefer. If there is enough request we can take this in stock for you in the future.